Class Management

Get your business organized with Jackrabbit’s class management features. Your class rosters, openings, schedules, and attendance are at your fingertips.

Visual Calendar

See your classes by day, week, or month to stay organized and keep up with class size.

Multi-Location Support

Your Jackrabbit account is accessible at any of your locations to coordinate operations throughout your business at no additional cost. As your business grows, Jackrabbit is always there to support you.


Throw away the clipboards and notebooks and go paperless by recording attendance with Jackrabbit. No more hours dedicated to data entry – your records are automatically updated as you go.


Organize enrollment by adding sessions and classes into Jackrabbit. Then copy them to maintain enrollment from the previous sessions.

Private Lesson Management

Share your availability for private lessons on your website with the date, time, and link to register online.

Skill Tracking

Document the skill level, progress, and any other notes for your records. Allows families to view this information through the customer portal to keep up with their children.


Communicate with your customers and potential customers with email marketing to evolve beyond the competition. Share what your business is doing and show your personality to them.

Prospect Management

The Lead File manages an unlimited amount of prospects, parents, and other contacts without increasing your subscription fee. Store information here to contact them in the future.