Online Registration

Build customer relationships, streamline administrative tasks, and monitor business performance with our full array of powerful features that let you quickly and easily organize, communicate, manage and track results.

Website Integration

Make sure your website is up-to-speed with your Jackrabbit account. Share your classes and show customers how to register from their own computers and devices. Don’t be afraid of the HTML – we’ll help you with this part.

Class Listings

Show your current classes with the number of available spots on your website – updated in realtime by Jackrabbit.


Share your calendar with parents to facilitate registration for birthday parties, parents’ night out, special events and other activities.

Online Registration Form

This form displays the student information you want to capture during registration. It is available at any time on your website for students to save a spot in a class.

Customer Portal

Parents log in here to see specific information about their child like skill notes, absences, and schedules.

Try it out yourself!
Log into the Jackrabbit Customer Portal
User ID: parent1
Password: 12345678