More than 4,000 customers in 20 countries rely on Jackrabbit everyday.

“Jackrabbit gave us the opportunity to automate all of our schedules for our teachers, keep track of all our class schedules and payroll that we have to take care of. Time is what it’s all about!”
–Phil Niverson, Jennings Music & Education Center

“Jackrabbit has changed the way we do business just by streamlining so much of what we do. Right at a click of a button, we’ve got an easy way of communicating with families – quickly, easily, and in a targeted manner.”
–Theresa Case, Director, Piano Central Studios

“Being able to access the information no matter where I am – if I’m out of town or a different part of the country – is great. If there’s a problem, my office can call me and I can handle it right there, on the spot.”
–Melissa Loggins, Music Authority

“The payments system’s great. You can batch your payments all at the same time and it automatically puts in the approval codes. That’s a big time saver.”
–Kelly Bowlin, Gwinnett School of Music

“With a student body as large as ours, to be able to bill everyone at one time and be able to push another button and have all the payments run through the credit card processing is such a huge time saver for us.”
Cecilla Rowe, The Music Studio at Vinings