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Jackrabbit Music opens the door to more efficient music school management. How? It’s the most powerful, responsive and dependable music school management software available. More than 12,000 schools, gyms and studios all over the world rely on Jackrabbit technology. Every day, music school owners like you decide to use Jackrabbit Music to run their businesses more efficiently.

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“Jackrabbit gave us the opportunity to automate all of our schedules for our teachers. keep track of all our class schedules and payroll that we have to take care of. Time is what it’s all about!”
– Phil Niverson, Jennings Music & Education Center

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When you use our music school management software, you save time on administrative tasks. You also give students a better, faster way to enroll in lessons and pay for instruction and instrument rentals. Everyone wins as you operate a more profitable school.
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Online Registration

Attract more business by letting students enroll in private lessons and group classes online.

Time Clock

Save time and reduce costs by tracking staff hours more automatically online.

Billing and Payment

Make paying for lessons and rentals easier. Online payments save you and customers time while reducing late payments.

Point of Sale

Sell more merchandize, such as supplies and sheet music, with fast and easy point-of-sale features.

Skill Tracking

Instructors track student skill development online, giving parents a window into progress.

Executive Dashboard

Spot opportunities to improve profitability with management tools that help turn business data into insight.

5 Factors to consider when selecting music school management software

Picking the right music school management software is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. You probably know of a few must-have features that you can’t do without. Those features might be different for specific music school owners. For instance, a business with more than one location will definitely want software that can handle multiple sites. A school offering both private lessons and group classes will need software that supports both. And every school needs efficient billing for music lessons, music classes and instrument rentals.

Good news: Jackrabbit Music does it all. In fact, it probably has a few features that you haven’t thought about, but that you’ll grow to love. We’ve compiled a list of a just few of our users’ favorite features. Some may already be capabilities you’re seeking. Others might be options that open the door to unexpected possibilities for your business. The five factors are:

One: Lesson and staff management
Running a music school involves juggling multiple schedules, especially with private lessons. Teachers might need to reschedule an entire day of lessons due to illness, and each week you could have multiple students who need to shift lesson times. It’s hard to keep learning spaces full and your teachers busy without feeling constantly frazzled—unless you have Jackrabbit. With Jackrabbit Music, you use a visual calendar to manage lessons and classes. Jackrabbit automates much of the work that goes into scheduling and rescheduling.

“Jackrabbit gave us the opportunity to automate all our schedules for our teachers and keep track of all our all our class schedules and payrolls. … Time is what it’s all about because we needed a way to automate as many of the functions as possible.” —Phil Niverson, Jennings Music and Education Center

Two: Communicating with students and parents
How do you manage contacts with your customers? Let’s say a guitar teacher has car trouble right before 4 lessons. He’s going to miss all of them. With Jackrabbit Music, you can easily find contact info for all those students—and their parents. You can reach them fast. It’s just as easy to send emails about upcoming events to current and prospective students. You communicate more, but spend less time managing communications. The result? Closer relationships with your customers and time savings for you and your staff.

“It used to be that we had to run all these extra reports to find email addresses and phone numbers. Now, it’s just with a click of the button that we’re able to pull that information. That is a tremendous help in the office and for our teachers as well.” —Janene Brackbill, Piano Central Studios

“For me, the most important thing that Jackrabbit has done to make us run more efficiently is to help us keep track of our students and our parents.” — Melissa Loggins, Music Authority

Three: Support for strategic thinking
When running a busy music school, you have many things clamoring for your attention. You might have to interview several potential new instructors, call multiple prospective parents, look into a credit card issue and more—all in a single day. When can you find the time for long- and short-term strategy? And how will you find the data to answer your strategic questions? Jackrabbit delivers the time savings and the data. Jackrabbit Music provides reporting through an executive dashboard. You can use some of the time you save with online music school management to review key metrics, like enrollment, class efficiency, revenue, profitability and more. Apply your insights to make more informed business decisions.

“As a business owner, it’s great because I can look at what our numbers are monthly—what our active students are versus our potential.” —Celia Rowe, The Music Studio

Four: More time for what matters
Turning to Jackrabbit Music does more than just free time and resources that you can apply to running your business better. You can use the time you gain to devote more energy to other activities that matter to you, such as your family, your own musical ideas and other interests.

“There’s nothing like Jackrabbit in terms of its power and its ability to do so many things so easily and so quickly. It’s huge because it means I’m able to take that time and spend it with my kids or put something else into the business that’s going to give me a good return on investment.”—Theresa Case, Piano Central Studios

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