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Jackrabbit online school management can match the way you want to run your business, and it does it online. Efficient,
simple to use and secure—you can rely on Jackrabbit Music. More than 12,000 schools, gyms and studios all over
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Jackrabbit Music helps power music school growth and profitability

Get More Organized

Take charge of every aspect of your business. Easily review overdue accounts, track lesson enrollment, explore financial data, review skills of student musicians, manage instructors and other staff, collect fees for lessons and rentals and more. Devote the time you save to your love of music.

Executive Dashboard – Run financial reports and review business data
Financial Management  – Work with QuickBooks, fees and more
Family Data – Collect and track student and family info

Save Time and Live Better

Jackrabbit Music software automates many tasks, freeing valuable time that you can devote to teaching music and better work/life balance. By helping you complete business tasks faster, you have more time to spend with family, students and your own interests.

Skills Tracking – Monitor and track student progress online
Streamline Payroll – Processing is faster with time clock data
Point-of-Sale – Easily sell more supplies and sheet music

Communicate with Students and Parents

Turn to text and email to connect with students, families and instructors. Jackrabbit powers communication anytime, from any device. Email templates make it easy to communicate about open houses, concerts and other events.

Text Reminders – Reach students, parents and instructors in a flash
Payment Notices – Alert families and students about payment issues
Schedule Changes – Instantly notify students when schedules change

Grow and Boost Revenue

You made your music school dream come true. You’re making a difference by bringing music to students. We help you make your business more profitable by making it simpler to enroll new students, collect fees for lessons and rentals and grow your school.

Online Registration – Students sign up for lessons online
Convenient Payment – Customers use credit cards to pay online
Email Statements – Confirm payments and send account info

How Jackrabbit Class Management Software Can Help You Manage Your Music School Staff

Your music school staff does a great job instructing and inspiring young musicians! But as much as you appreciate your staff, managing the day-to-day tasks related to staff can be, well, a bit far from what you really love to do. Using Jackrabbit’s online class management tools, both you and your staff can benefit. And when you’re more organized and have improved communication, your music students and their parents will benefit as well, and new students will be more likely to choose your music school in the future. It all starts with better staff management.

Staff Accessibility

Your music school staff no longer has to come in to the office or contact you directly to access registrations, schedules, or other important information. Instead, they can easily access both general information and specifics regarding individual students whenever they log in to Jackrabbit. You can give various staff members the degree of access which their position requires, all accessible through the Staff Portal. They’ll be able to see updates in real time and easily track student progress, selectively sharing updates with parents as they desire. Not only will they be able to communicate with parents in a way that’s simple and trackable, but parents will be able to contact them as well.

Staff Communications

Not only will Jackrabbit help improve communications between your staff members and music school families, but it will also be an asset to your internal communications among music school staff. Whenever music instructors and other staff members log into Jackrabbit — which they’ll need to do in order to log their hours — they’ll see any important announcements or messages on their personal Dashboard. Through Jackrabbit, you can send announcements or messages out to individual staff members or various groupings of staff members. As always, these messages will be professionally formatted and easily trackable.

Schedule Creation

Your music school schedule can be tricky sometimes, but Jackrabbit helps simplify the schedule-creation process. Allowing staff members to easily mark availability and submit schedule-related requests, this format is helpful to both your staff and to you. Not only will you be able to view all staff members’ availability at once, but you’ll also be able to easily reference past enrollment and related revenue as you schedule future music lessons and classes.

Time Tracking

As already mentioned, Jackrabbit’s Staff Portal also includes a time tracking section, allowing you to streamline the time card situation. With the time clock tool and integration with your existing Quickbooks accounting software, tracking hours and processing payroll will be simpler than you ever imagined! By automating the entire process, your dance studio will not only avoid the added expense that comes with errors in manual time tracking, but you’ll also benefit by freeing up that coveted resource none of us can find an overage of: time.

Safeguard Your Data

Jackrabbit Music stores data in servers protected by redundant, denial-of-service firewalls. Our team monitors controls 24/7 to prevent unauthorized access, and we employ 1024-bit encryption to authenticate users. Plus, we guarantee 99.9% system uptime. It’s all so you can reliably and securely access Jackrabbit Music anywhere, anytime and through any device.

Flexibility to support music lessons and other classes at your school

Perfect software for music schools, Jackrabbit Music also supports all types of lessons and classes, such as cooking,
tutoring, art, personal training, ESL, adult dementia and much more.

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