Billing & Payment Processing

Payment and Billing Processing

Discounts and Promotions

Use discounts and promotions to enroll more students in private lessons and group classes. Simply calculate and apply discounts created in the discount settings area of your Jackrabbit Music billing software. You can also offer discounts for instrument rentals. If students enroll in multiple lessons or a family has multiple children enrolled at your school, you can easily set up volume discounts.

Manage Fees

Add fees to a customer’s account to show competition, late charges, registration, tuition, and other fees for their account. Payment for any of these fees can then be made electronically via Jackrabbit.

Share Statements Your Way

Use Jackrabbit Music to create statements detailing classes, discounts, payment options and late fees. You can send the statements you create online using email or generate a paper statement. Jackrabbit Music automatically emails receipts. Charge for all students in a batch, saving you time. Families can visit the online portal to review their payment history.

Take ePayments

It’s easy to bring the power of online billing software to your music school. Jackrabbit Music has teamed up with the payment experts at C&H Financial and SafeSave Payments and C&H Financial Services to deliver secure transaction processing for card and e-check (ACH) payments. Use integrated and PCI-compliant processing for batch and one-time payments.

Get what you need for secure payment processing from SafeSave or C&H Financial Services through Jackrabbit Music. Accept credit cards online. You can also accept bank drafts. Gateway and merchant account fees apply with payment processing. Plus, online payments through Jackrabbit Music are available during the 30-day free-trial period, making it easy to see if online payments are right for your business.

Our Payment Partners: C&H Financial Services and SafeSave Payments