Online Payment Management and ePayments for Music Schools

You can process electronic payments for lessons, classes and instrument rentals with Jackrabbit Music as your billing software. ePayment solutions from SafeSave Payments or C&H Financial Services let you accept payments individually—or you can process all of your students and families at one time.

Be sure to ask about 0 monthly fee options

Use C&H Financial Services or SafeSave Payments for ePayments

Let us introduce you to SafeSave Payments and C&H Financial Services, Inc. Jackrabbit Music uses these ePayments solution providers for electronic payment processing. After completing setup, you can easily take ePayments online through the secure Jackrabbit Customer Portal. You can charge credit cards and you can even charge draft accounts.

Our billing software allows you to take ePayments in these countries:

C&H Financial Services, Inc.

  • Supports accounts in the United States
  • Provides secure and PCI-compliant processing for transactions
  • Lowers your transaction processing costs with eCheck option
  • Supplies top-notch service and support
  • Saves you as much as 50% on ePayment gateway charges
  • Offers traditional or flat-rate plans with no monthly fee

To learn more, contact C&H Financial Service.

You can visit the C&H Financial website at: http://chfs.us/
And you can call Michael A. Psaromatis at (855) 602-2437 x1
Click here to contact C&H

Credit Card Transactions

eCheck (ACH) Transactions

PCI Compliant
Transaction Processing

SafeSave Payments

Are you looking for a flat-rate account with no monthly fee? You can call SafeSave at 800-220-8611, and ask about a SafeSave Payment Services Account.

  • Available for accounts in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom
  • Secure and PCI-compliant payment processing
  • Money-saving eCheck option reduces transaction costs
  • Hands-on, helpful service and support
  • Flat-rate or traditional, no monthly fee plans available

You can contact SafeSave for more information:

Shane McMullen
Email: smcmullen@safesavepayments.com or jackrabbit@safesavepayments.com
Toll-free 800-220-8611

SafeSave can provide Jackrabbit Music customers with a free, zero-obligation proposal. Call SafeSave, or you can take advantage of the Jackrabbit enrollment process online.

Jackrabbit never charges to process payments, but there are some fees involved. You will have to pay processing-related Internet Gateway and Merchant Account Provider fees directly to SafeSave Payments or C&H Financial Services, Inc.

  • Try out the ePayments feature during your free trial period
  • Watch a video about how ePayments work with Jackrabbit
  • Learn how C&H Financial Services and SafeSave Payments can help you set up and process bank draft and credit card transactions
  • Read more about ePayments in the Jackrabbit Help Center