Jackrabbit is always improving and adding new features and enhancements. Review the latest
enhancements below and click at the bottom to see more enhancements.

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107/02/19New Process Registrations Report

There\'s a new Process Registrations report which allows office staff to review pertinent information for online registrations, class enrollments from the Parent Portal, and waitlist additions\! There are two ways to get to the report: Dashboard and Reports menu See how to find the report

Blog for more information

207/02/19Add Classes: Billing Method & Billing Cycle RequiredWhen adding classes, Billing Method and Billing Cycle are now required. These fields are very important when posting discounted and prorated tuition. Therefore ensuring classes are set-up correctly will help when it\'s time to post tuition. Haven\'t started discounting and prorating tuition yet? Click here for more information
306/25/19Student Photos - Added in Parent Portal

Parent Portal now shows student photos and allows the parent to upload their own photo\! Additional benefits are: the photo also shows in the Clock and adding photos in Jackrabbit Care was improved to be more user friendly. See Parent Portal Edit Photo 

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406/25/19New Tax ID

A new Tax ID field has been added\! This allows you to enter your tax ID number so it can appear on receipts, statements and parent portal transaction lists. You also have the ability to name the field yourself. To see this, go to Edit Settings>Tools>Org Defaults. See Tax Id Fields

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506/18/19Discounting & Prorating Tuition - New Settings

Tuition Fee Settings has two new settings so you can choose how to calculate tuition from web registration, quick registration, enroll button/links, and parent portal:

  • How to count multi-class discounts across different
    • Sessions
    • Category 1 values
    • Tuition Discount Rules
  • How to add hours across 
    • Sessions
    • Category 1 values

See New Tuition Settings

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606/18/19Families Search - Added Email Families Search can now send emails\! To do so, select the individual families or use the Email All checkbox at the top of the column. Then click the Email button. See Families Search Email
705/20/19Aged Accounts Details: Several Improvements

Aged Accounts Details has been improved with the following: 

  • Search by Transaction Type
  • Search by Subtype
  • See the Billing Contact Email, Transaction Type and Subtype in report columns
  • Email directly from the report
  • See Aged Accounts Details
805/20/19Class Skills/Levels Report: Several Improvements to the Worksheet Display

Class Skill/Levels Report Worksheet display has new options\!

  • Display Enroll Type
  • Display Birthdays in the next X Days
  • \'Include Skills without a date started\' can now be changed to \'Yes\'
  • See Class Skills/Levels Report

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905/07/19Transaction Search - Added Mass Edit

Search Transactions can now edit multiple transactions at once\! To do so, run the transaction search and individually select the transactions you want to edit or use the Edit All checkbox at the top of the column. You\'ll then see a blue message box with an edit icon on the right. Click this edit icon to change the transactions. See Transactions Mass Edit

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1005/07/19Online Web Registration - Added Show/Hide Class Information

Online Web Registration Settings now have the ability to hide class information on the registration form, including instructor nickname, openings and start/end dates. To do so, go to Tools>Online Web Registration>Settings and look for the new Show/Hide Class Information on the Registration form section. See Show/Hide Class Information

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1104/23/19Transaction Subtypes - Added Hide Option

Hide Transaction Subtypes you\'re no longer using to reduce errors. To do so, go to Tools>Edit Settings>Drop-Down Lists and select Transaction Subtypes. See Hide Transaction Subtypes

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1204/23/19Masking Personal Information

For continued protection of sensitive information, we\'re now masking these fields:

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1304/03/19Enrolling Students - Improved Workflow

Enrolling students is now easier with several improvements made to the workflow. For more information, use the blog links below:

Blog Information Part 1

Blog Information Part 2


1404/03/19Express Payroll Improvements

Several improvements have been made for Express Payroll clients:

Staff ID will be automatically populated when a staff person is created

Export to Payroll ha'); document.write('s 2 new options:

  • Export Staff Details - Export staff details to send to your payroll company See Export Staff Details
  • Payroll Codes - Add payroll codes as a column in the export to payroll file. Use these to enter flat wage payroll items, such as birthday parties, competitions, etc See Payroll Codes
1504/03/19Post Tuition Fees - Added Category 1,2,3 as a Class Filters when post by Class Fee

Post Tuition Fees, when posting by class fee, now has Category 1,2,3 as a class filters. This allows you to target your families easier and ensure you are posting fees to the right people. See PTF Cat 1,2,3

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1604/03/19Staff Search - Added Email

Staff Search now has the ability to email staff from the search results list. See Staff Search Email Option

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1704/03/19Email Template: Added Search

Email Templates now has the ability to search by template name to make finding the template quick and easy. See Email Templates Search

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1803/19/19Staff Portal - Added Email Reply Option

When a staff person is allowed to send emails from the staff portal, there\'s a new option to have the email replies be sent to the staff person\'s email, instead of the organization email. This setting is found either in Staff Portal>Settings>Edit All Staff Portal Settings or in each person\'s Staff Record>Portal Settings tab. See Setting

If you haven\'t started using the staff portal, use the Staff Portal Guided Set Up to get it up and running.

Blog with more information

1903/19/19List All/Active Classes - Improved Tuesday & Thursday Filters

Filtering classes by Tuesday and Thursday is now easier\! Simply use Tu to search for Tuesday classes and Th for Thursday classes. Blog with more information

2003/19/19Fee Summary Report - Added Summary

The Fee Summary Report now has a Summary option which summarizes fees for each Category 1 and Transaction Type. See Summary Setting,   See Summary View

2103/07/19Paid Fees : Added Fee Date Search Criteria

Paid Fees now has Fee Date From/Through as a search criteria\! This will helps schools using accrual accounting, to make adjustements for:

Blog with more information

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2203/07/19Class Skills/Levels Report - New Progress Report Option

Class Skills/Levels Report has a new progress report option\! This report includes:

  • An overall skills status bar 
  • Status bar for how many skills have been started, tested and attained
  • A legend for started, tested and attained
  • Each skill and sub-skills\' status
  • Your logo
  • See New Progress Report

To see the progress report in your database, go to the Class Skills/Level Report and in the Display Settings Section, select I would like a skills progress report. See Skills Progress Report Setting

Blog with more information

2302/19/19Scheduled Emails - Added Send Now Option

Scheduled Emails now has the ability to send a scheduled email now. To do this, go to Scheduled Emails and click the new Send icon See New Send Icon

Then click the Send Now button See Send Now Option

Blog with more information


2402/19/19Student Attendance Report - Added Setting

Student Attendance Report has a new display setting option to Ignore class start and end dates. This is helpful to those who run perpetual classes, meaning their classes don\'t have end dates and the same classes are used indefinitely. This allows more attendance history to be displayed. See New SettingBlog with more information

2501/29/19Email Families: Search Criteria Change

Email Families now has the Enrollment Status search criteria grouped together and moved to the top. Also, if you select search criteria which doesn\'t work together, Jackrabbit recognizes this and will notify you with an on-screen alert. See Email Families Changes

2601/29/19NEW Fee Summary Report

A new Fee Summary Report was created to help you easily see what has been paid and what is still owed. Highlights about the new report:

  • Simple format provides valuable information using the Transaction Date
  • Easy to read - only one row per fee 
  • Amount paid column includes all account credits, not just the payment
  • View accounts receivable by a specific Category 1 or Transaction Type

See Fee Summary Report

2712/20/18New Makeup Expiration Date

New makeup expiration date option is now available to you\! Go to Tools>Edit Settings and in the Student Settings section, you\'ll see the following options:

     *No expiration date - they can makeup the missed class at any time

     *Based on a time limit - # days, weeks, months

     *Until the last day of the session

See Makeup Expiration Setting

2812/20/18Family ePayment Listing: Add email from grid

Family ePayment Listing now gives you the ability to send an email from the results page, to make con'); document.write('tacting families easier.

2912/04/18Parent Portal - Fixed Fee Messaging for EnrollmentsFamilies with fixed fees will now see messaging in the parent portal when enrolling. This lets them know they have a fixed fee and no fees will be posted at the time of enrollment. It also tells parents the fixed fee amount is subject to change due to the new enrollment and will be reviewed by your organization. See Messaging Example

Your organization will receive an email letting you know a family/student with an active fixed fee has enrolled into more classes. This is your notification to review the fixed fee for possible changes.
3012/04/18Attendance Improvements in Staff & Parent Portal

Staff Portal has been improved to make it a cleaner and easier experience.

*Replaced icons with words See Example
*Added Attendance button to shows the student\'s attendance history. This makes it easier to identify any attendance issues. See Example

Parent Portal now has the option to show attendance issues. If you\'d like parents to see this information, go to Tools>Parent Portal>Setting to turn it on. See Example

3112/04/18Skills Email - Added Notes, Date & Direct LinksThe skills email sent to parents now includes the skill note, along with the date the note was updated. We\'ve also added a direct link to the Parent Portal and links to view the skill or watch the skill video. See Skill Email Example
3212/04/18New Family Discount RuleTuition Discount Rule can now be at the family level. This makes tuition discount rules even more powerful by over-riding the rules associated with the student\'s classes and forcing Jackrabbit to use the family assigned rule insted. See Family Rule Example
3311/20/18New Custom Billing CycleNew Custom Billing Cycles are now available in Tuition Billing Settings\! You can now easily create a custom billing cycle starting from the date of your choice and running anywhere between 1 to 52 weeks. To add a custom billing cycle, click Tools>Edit Settings>Tuition Settings. Then click on Manage Tuition Billing Settings.
Visit our Help Center for more information
See Tuition Billing Settings Example
3411/20/18Post Tuition Fees - Billing Cycle Format ChangePost Tuition Fees\' Billing Cycle start date is now a drop-down list. See Billing Cycle Start Date Example
3511/20/18Student Attendance Report - New Summary OptionStudent Attendance Report now has a summary option, which will show one row per student. See Student Attendance Report
3611/06/18Staff Portal - New Skill Started Icon

Staff Portal has a new icon to represent the Skill Started status. See Skill Started Icon

3711/06/18Parent Portal - Added Add/Update Credit Card AddressThe Parent Portal now allows parents to add and update their credit card billing address.
3811/06/18Skills Email - More Visually AppealingThe Skills email sent to parents is now more visually appealing and mobile responsive. See Skill Email Example
3911/06/18Discounting & Prorating - Added to Parent Portal, Quick Registration, Class & Student Enroll ButtonsAutomatic discounting & prorating has been added to several places\!
*Parent Portal - Parents will see an accurate tuition amount in their cart to see the exactly amount of tuition. Parents can also click on the transaction after it\'s posted to see the calculation details. See Parent Portal Cart
*Quick Registration - Jackrabbit calculates the discounted and prorated tuition in the Post Enrollment Fees page so your front desk doesn\'t have to\! See Quick Registration Post Enrollment Fees
*Class Detail\'s Enroll button - Similar to Quick Registration, the Post Enrollment Fees page calculates the discounted and prorated tuition.
*Student Detail\'s Enroll button - Similar to Quick Registration, the Post Enrollment Fees page calculates the discounted and prorated tuition.
4009/25/18Staff Portal - New Attendance OptionsStaff Portal has additional attendance options\! These are Late, Left Early, and Observing. This allows staff to correctly represent the student\'s presence in a class. To try it in the staff portal, click the Present button\'s down arrow See New Options in Staff Portal

The Student Attendance Report was also updated with new columns for % Late, Left Early, and Observing. This will allow you to quickly and easily identify problems. See Student Attendance Report New Columns
4109/25/18Student Attendance Report: Misc ImprovementsStudent Attendance Report has a few improvements:
*New Absence/Attendance button on the student page. This button opens the Student Attendance Report
*Button also added to the class page
*Instructor list now separates active and inactive instructors. Active instructors sort to the top
See Absence/Attendance button example in a student page
4209/11/18Parent Portal: Fees for Waitlisted Classes Not ShownParent Portal will no longer show the class tuition fee when a student is waitlisted into a class.
4309/11/18Student Attendance Report: Added Class StatusStudent Attendance Report now has Class Status as a search criteria See Class Status
4409/11/18Class Rolls: Added Parent Last NameClass Rolls will now show the parent last name. Also, if you track attendance, the Absences/Makeups section will no longer show.
4508/28/18Parent Portal - Added Staff NicknameThere\'s a new Parent Portal Setting for Show Instructor Nickname. When set to Yes, a new field appears in the Staff page called Public Nickname. When a nickname is entered, the Parent Portal shows the nickname instead of the instructor\'s first and last name. See Parent Portal Setting, See Staff Page, See Parent Portal
4608/28/18Calendars - Font changed for dark backgroundsThe calendars (weekly calendar, day view, room view) now use a bold white font when the class\'s background color is dark. This makes it easier to read. See Calendar Example
4708/15/18Family Address Listing: Added Email OptionYou can now email directly from the Family Address Listing report. Simply check the families to include and click the Email button at the top left of the page.
4808/14/18New Term Legacy SkillsA new term has been added to Jackrabbit for Legacy Skills. This is to differentiate between the skills shown at the top of the student\'s Skills tab and the skills shown at the bottom of the page. See Students Skills Tab. The Skills label on the Class Rolls search criteria page was also updated to Legacy Skills. See Class Rolls Search Criteria
4908/14/18Staff Portal: Added Grade Level

Staff Portal now shows students\' grade level inside the More button. The layout of the information was also updated to make it easier to read. More button with Grade Level & New Layout

5008/07/18New Discounting & Prorating Wizard

A wizard for discounting and prorating tuition is now available to guide you through the set-up\! We also updated the tuition settings page to a simplified look. To see the wizard and the new settings page, go to Tools>Edit Settings and click on Tuition Settings. See Wizard , See Tuition Settings