Point-of-Sale Convenience

Credit Card Reader

Jackrabbit Music software delivers point-of-sale capabilities that integrate with a secure credit card reader. With it, you can take payment for items sold at your school. It’s easy to sell cleaning supplies and replacement parts for instruments. Or you can offer sheet music and instrument learning aids. Just use the credit card swipe reader. The information flows into your system accurately and safely.

Where can you get readers? Encrypted credit card swipe readers are available through SafeSave Payments, Process Pink and School Auto Pay. Use a new credit card to either replace the existing card information or for a single transaction (for security, point-of-sale card information will not be saved).

Barcode Scanning

Use bar code scanning for individual items with the point-of-sale feature, speeding up the selling process in your music school’s store.

Scan bar codes into the system to add inventory items quickly and get them ready for sale faster. Scan codes at the time of purchase to accelerate the transaction for you and customers.

Inventory Reporting

Don’t run out of popular items. Track merchandise and set reorder levels with the Jackrabbit Music point-of-sale feature. You see which items are selling and bringing in the most income. Reporting features offer important insight into total profit, profit by item and profit by vendor. The software even helps track sales tax. Reorder quantity alerts help you manage inventory.