Reporting for Music School Management

Dashboarding Insight

Bar chart revenue summary – Review current enrollment revenue and lesson details easily on a chart.

Set instant alerts – Track waitlists, absences and upcoming birthdays.

Aged accounts review – See under 30, 30–60, 60–90 and 90+ “past due” student payment status.

Key metrics – Visualize lesson and class drops, registration, profitability, revenue and past due accounts.

Task lists – Build lists of things you need to do and note completed tasks.

Staff notices – Deliver notices to teachers and other staff members using different colors and fonts.

Financial Data

Aged fees – Visualize charges that are past due, with subtotals shown by family.

Revenue summary – View current enrollment revenue and class details.

QuickBooks – Review revenue by day, by category and by type of payment; upload daily revenue to QuickBooks.

Paid fees – See paid fees by any date range; displayed data includes tax information.

Advanced transaction search – Select criteria for revenue reconciliation, and explore specific transactions or payments.

Deposit report – Review deposits by date range organized by method of payment.

Payment-type summary – View payment-type totals organized by payment method.

Reporting by Customer

Top 100 customers – Explore your top music instruction customers by revenue.

Source report – Review “how did you hear about us” information by customer with totals for each source to gain insight into which marketing investments have the best returns.

Advanced family search – Apply multiple criteria to search customer and family information.

Family address listing – Find addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and source info by customer.

Print mailing labels – Print Avery 5160 mailing labels for customer mailings.

Family ePayment – List families that use online billing and payments. Find missing or expired credit cards quickly.

Class and Lesson

Online registration report – Review recent online registrations for private lessons and group classes.

Absences/make-ups – View absences/make-ups by date range with student and lesson data.

Advanced class search – Find music lessons and classes matching any search criteria.

Enrollment detail – Display contact, emergency contact and special needs information and more for students.

Enrollment snapshot – Review current class sizes along with private lesson data and projected tuition totals.