Time Clock

Time Clock for Music Schools

Time Entry

End the time drain of manual hour tracking for staff and teachers. Track music instructor and staff hours in one place. Instructors and other staff members enter their time, and you simply review and approve entered time. Jackrabbit Music software offers multiple options to meet your time entry needs: clock in/out, manual in/out and total hours. The software helps identify incomplete entries, saving you time.

Set Security Permissions

You can establish different permission levels for specific staffers, making it easy to control what your team members can view. You manage your business your way while also keeping your team on the same page.

Use multiple levels of permissions to manage what individual staff members, instructors and managers see. Save yourself time by letting managers review and approve staff time.

Schedules for Staff

Help music instructors and other staff members stay organized with online schedules. They view lessons, classes, times, dates and meetings they need to attend. As a music school owner, you have the visibility you need into lesson and class schedules. It’s a fast and efficient way to monitor the business.

Email Staffers

Convey important information to staff quickly and conveniently using email. You can communicate news and announcements or address issues in a flash. Need to deliver an important message? Save time by emailing all staff members and instructors in a single email. You can email active or inactive staff, instructors and other positions from within Jackrabbit Music. Plus, you can stop scrambling to find substitutes. Email helps you find another instructor faster than when you use the phone.

Portal for staff

The Jackrabbit Music staff portal includes the time clock. Your team can visit the online portal to see announcements, record hours worked and take attendance for lessons and classes. Jackrabbit is mobile friendly, making the staff portal easy to use and access on smartphones and tablet devices.