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Gaining industry knowledge is our passion.

Jackrabbit Music understands exactly where you’re coming from because we’re attentive to what is happening around you, how music schools of all types and sizes work, and the topics that you find critical to your success. We read industry publications and pay onsite visits to your schools so that we can bring value directly to you so that our software remains relevant to your school.

Sharing industry knowledge is our purpose.

We’re committed to the music school industry. Being subject matter experts is important to us and we’re honored when you ask us to share the knowledge we glean from our research and about use of Jackrabbit with you. Explore a few samples of our work. Let us know if you’d like to learn more.

Jackrabbit Boost West User Conference presentation:
Maximizing the New Features for Your Business

  • Jackrabbit Did You Know style presentation where various features, shortcuts and super user tips are shared with users of all levels.
  • The presentation helps users leverage the software they’ve invested in. The most important part of this presentation is the Did You Know highlights of the features with specific impact to the health and growth of their businesses.

Maximizing the New Features
for your Business

USAG Anaheim presentation:
Leveraging Social Media to the Max

  • Presentation that describes various social media platforms that would be advantageous for swim schools to use. There are examples provided and tips for making posts and images more popular.
  • The presentation was so popular that it was turned into an article for publication in the association’s magazine.

Leveraging Social Media to the Max

Jackrabbit is a contributor and/or listed in industry publications

We bring value to you and your studio by staying up-to-date with industry communications, from publications to newsletters. Let us know if you’d like to learn more.

Sharing our software at your events.

Jackrabbit Music is excited to attend conferences and trade shows that your industry hosts because we have something that will help you improve and grow your business: our software. At each event, we provide you with the best possible look into Jackrabbit Music so you have good information that will help you make your music school management software decision. We hope you return to your school ready to start a free trial and ready to work on building your dream while Jackrabbit helps you build your business.

Top 6 features for music school owners

Online Registration

Streamline your operations and enhance customer convenience by eliminating paperwork.

Time Clock

Save time and costs by saying good-bye to paper timesheets and manually counting staff hours.

Billing and Payments

Customers can conveniently pay tuition and fees online. No more phone calls or late payments.

Point of Sale

Our software maximizes the efficiency, function and performance of your front desk.

Skill Tracking

Instructors can easily update student skills and alert parents when new skills are mastered.

Executive Dashboard

Change what’s possible with management tools that categorize and organize business data.

Unmatched music school
management software

“Being able to access the information no matter where I am – if I’m out of town or a different part of the country – is great. If there’s a problem, my office can call me and I can handle it right there, on the spot.”
– Melissa Loggins, Music Authority

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How Jackrabbit Can Enhance Your Music Studio

Opening your own music studio is an impressive accomplishment. Your studio can play an important role in preparing budding musicians for success. As a music enthusiast and business owner, you can take pride in having a part in their future achievements. Whether you’re just starting out in this worthy endeavor or you’ve owned a music studio for years, you’ve undoubtedly found that some aspects of your job can be tedious and challenging. Don’t you wish you had more hours available to invest in the rewarding aspects of the job? Now you can, thanks to Jackrabbit Technologies. Take a look at some ways this cutting edge class management software can assist you.

Cut Down on Paperwork

One of the biggest time wasters which our clients are happy we’ve helped them to diminish or eliminate is paperwork. Filling out schedules by hand on paper calendars, processing paper checks, and dealing with the hassle of an old-fashioned time-clock system for employee payments can make music studio owners feel like they’re working in quicksand. Rather than get stuck in a rut, you can get your work done far more quickly when you use Jackrabbit’s secure, streamlined system. With our system, you can keep all of your registration forms online. That way they’ll be easy for you, your students’ families, and your instructors to access whether they’re on their computers, smartphones, or other electronic devices. You can load your schedules into Jackrabbit as well. This helps to make sure everyone stays on the same page when it comes to scheduling classes, recitals, and private lessons so you won’t end up with those aggravating schedule conflicts.

Build Closer Relationships

Getting in touch with your families on a regular basis is also easier with Jackrabbit. Our system can give you an instant way to let everyone know about upcoming promotions, special occasions, and important announcements. You can choose from a variety of templates to make your announcements look both professional and aesthetically pleasing. Feel free to take full advantage of this communication pathway when contacting your staff members as well as to remind them about meetings or to give them other pertinent information.

Enhance Your Programs

Unlike many other software management programs out there, Jackrabbit is set up to accommodate the unique needs of class-based businesses. That means there are tools built into the system that can actually improve your classes. These would include the ability to add and drop students from classes or lessons quickly via our system. It also allows teachers to keep careful track of student progress each step of the way along their musical education journey. Teachers, students, and their parents can all benefit greatly from this skill tracking feature.

Grow Your Studio

Along with providing a quality service to your students, you’re likely interested in finding innovative ways to grow your business. That’s another advantage of our system. Because of Jackrabbit’s automated payroll and integration with QuickBooks, you’ll enjoy such increased efficiency that you’ll have more time to spend promoting your studio. Our organized system is a big draw when parents are comparing different music schools. After all, you never have a second chance to make a first impression! If your studio includes a shop where equipment, sheet music, and instruments are sold, you’ll be better equipped to quickly ring up and sell these items with Jackrabbit’s credit card and online sales processing capabilities. We can even help you figure out which items you should continue to stock and which ones you should phase out, thanks to our system’s inventory tracking.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive class management software system to give your music studio a competitive edge, Jackrabbit Technologies could be ideal for you!

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