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We can accommodate your needs no matter how large or small.

Jackrabbit believes that music and the arts are critical to our communities and the youth. In an effort to help music school owners respond to the current needs of their families and students, Jackrabbit is giving back 20% of all subscription costs until further notice.



0-100 students



101-250 students



251-500 students</h5



501-1,000 students
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Monthly billing based on the number of students in your database at the end of each month.

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We’re sure you’ll love Jackrabbit Music software at your music school. And we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee—it’s the best in the industry.

You get access to these valuable features

Online Registration

Get rid of paper work for a better customer experience and streamlined operations.

Time Clock

Cut costs and save valuable time by eliminating paper timesheets and no longer having to manually count staff hours.

Billing and Payments

Let parents easily pay tuition and fees online. Making payments more convenient reduces telephone calls and late payments.

Point of Sale

Maximize your front desk’s efficiency and performance with simple point-of-sale functionality.

Skill Tracking

Instructors can easily track their students’ music skills and keep parents up to date about their children’s progress—all online.

Executive Dashboard

Open the door to increased opportunities with music school management tools that make it easy to keep your business data organized.

Frequently Asked Questions

We calculate monthly fees based on your total student count, including Active and Inactive students (Active = enrolled in a minimum of one class or lesson; Inactive = enrolled in no classes or lessons). There are no contracts, no start fees and no hidden charges. And if you choose to stop using Jackrabbit, we even include free data export.
The number of leads that are in your system don’t impact your fees. You’ll find an Unlimited Lead File area in your Jackrabbit Music software. Use the file to keep basic parent/student contact information without increasing the amount that you pay.
Jackrabbit provides you with a 90-day money-back guarantee when you finish a free Jumpstart call and one or more billing cycles. A Jumpstart coach will help you to complete the setup process. The coach will even help you to configure the system so that your music school management software matches your needs and preferences. With the Jumpstart service, you will get more value from Jackrabbit Music faster. It’s easy to sign up for the 90-day guarantee. Just call 704-895-4034 x114 to ask for your money-back guarantee.

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