Getting Started

Fast and Simple to Start

We’re eager to efficiently help you set up Jackrabbit Music.

Live Custom Demo

Getting Started Webinar

Take a guided, online tour of our Quick Start Wizard and Setup Guide. The webinar contains a 45-minute exploration of key topics for getting started. Click to view.

A Jumpstart Coach—Just for You

We can set you up with a personal Jumpstart coach to help you finish the process of getting started. Learn More

Getting Started Guide

Are you a new Jackrabbit Music client? Look through this online guide. It will tell you everything you need to know to set up and customize your system.

Getting Started Video

Check out these straight-forward tutorial videos. They show all of the screens and steps that you’ll encounter as you set up your Jackrabbit Music software for your music school.

Jackrabbit Basics—In Person

Come and meet with us at our headquarters for two days of instructor-led training in a Jackrabbit Basics session. We’re in Charlotte, North Carolina. The session includes lunch.